The Beginning.

“You have a great eye, Isaac!”
My Mother had said this to me a few times in my life, but I remember my sisters wedding the most. I was so nervous to ask my mom if I could use her precious DSLR at the time. It was an old Nikon that used film, she always used Nikon cameras, and the name seemed to have a mythic gravitas to it. As if I was asking to borrow Zeus or Hercules for just a moment. I could tell she was nervous to give a nine year old use of her precious camera! She let me use it though, and after the pictures developed she told me this. It made me want to take more, so she kept lending me her camera when I wanted, and felt confident to ask for it. I often used it at weddings. I took the following portraits at my cousin Mark’s wedding in 2013.

I like these pictures, they are of course unedited, but they are a fantastic start for a really good picture. I am good at being intuitive with moments, and peoples movements and expressions, but like a lot of photographers, got lucky. Luck is small, but important part of photography. since I wasn’t paying attention to the settings of the camera, and was just taking pictures.

Photography is one of a few passions of mine, I started taking photos of dogs professionally with my business Von and Friends. Photography wasn’t the mission objective, but it was one that brought me joy despite the stress of watching ten or twenty dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I loved taking care of dogs, but it was a lot of work! 24 hours of having to watch dogs. If they start barking at 3 am, I have to be there. If two or more dogs disagreed and are escalating their interactions, I have to break it up. Photography was one of the things that gave me breathe when i was drowning in stress and self doubt.

I loved taking these photos of dogs. It was so much fun! One day I will make a coffee table book with all the photographs I took during my time as a dog caretaker.

I wish I hadn’t been so afraid of what I wanted to do back when I was in high school. I was timid then, afraid to be judged and that carried into college. The fears that family would judge me, that others would look down on me, or that I would be good enough were strong to overcome, and paralyzing. In college, everyone seemed to be an amateur photographer, so instead of building bridges and collaborating with these people, I decided to hide my talents and interests away, because like my family, everyone seemed extremely talented and able to take a photograph, so why should I add to the already over saturated social media posts and photography market? Yet, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been afraid, I should have made the leap years ago, but ANYONE can say they should have started working toward their dream or goals years ago. That is why I am started now to become a photographer, and writer. I love doing these passions of mine. I love being creative. I was born to create: I hope you enjoy whatever I create!

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